About us

RMF Consulting (NZ) Limited is a multi-discipline consultancy first established in Australia in1986 now servicing New Zealand from our head office in Gisborne.

RMF Consulting provides a comprehensive range of Safety / Quality & Environmental services across a wide range of public and private business sectors including local and national government organisations.

Our team have extensive experience at a practical level with both the development and the implementation of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) in accordance with ISO and the Joint Australian & New Zealand Standards:

Our company provides Australia and now also New Zealand business with conflict free / practical advice and management systems, based around our extensive Engineering and Construction management experience.

For in excess of 36years, from the largest to the smallest businesses we have and continue to talk your language and we guarantee compliance to the applicable standards & legislative requirements with all of our business services.

We provide safety management services across New Zealand and in every state of Australia, offering sound independent and professional advice & support in Health & Safety Management.

PHONE: +64 21 367 233 (It costs nothing to Phone and have a chat)