Emergency Planning & Preparedness

For many small enterprises Emergency planning may simply consist of posting a sign for an Emergency Assembly point and a sketch of where the exits are etc.

But having an effective emergency plan is in most cases more involved than simply the posting of a sign in the work place.

There are numerous Joint Australian / New Zealand standards for a wide variety of special categories of Emergency responses e.g. hazardous substances, however the common element running through all this guidance material is the need to plan and to test the effectiveness of that planning regularly.

Under the New Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 organisations must engage with their workers (consult) regarding this vital aspect of work place Health & Safety. A plan which includes:

And other issues have a part to play in the Emergency Planning process at your work place.

A formal Risk Assessment is required in order to establish the extent of the emergency planning which needs to be implemented at the work place including a First Aid Assessment which will help to establish the number of First Aiders required in your work place and the type / number and contents of First Aid kits required to provide a reasonable protection for workers in the business.

RMF Consulting can assist you in this planning process with provision of Risk Assessments and supporting documentation and training for Emergency Planning at your work place.