Safety Systems Development

screenshot826Not every business is the same and so safety systems cannot be all the same.

“One system Does Not fit all businesses” (We write systems to reflect what you do in your business).

Whether your business is small or large, privately owned or a public sector organisation, we can provide your business with a documented Safety Management system that is GUARANTEED. It will allow you to comply with the National Legislative requirements for OHS (Health & Safety at Work Act 2015), and at the same time provide a practical / easy to operate OHS management system which reflects your business practices and allow your staff to actively participate in the management of their own Health & Safety.

The key to Health & Safety in the workplace is “Work Place Culture” and the best way to obtain worker involvement and “Buy in” is to make the systems:

Our systems are published in Work format, so that you can take ownership of the completed system for future changes when required.

Our systems are finished complete with your company’s logo / business details ready for you to implement and we can provide assistance in that area too with back up training and ongoing professional advice in your work place.