Plant Risk Assessments

The formal assessment of mobile and fixed plant utilised in the output of your business services such as:

All Plant other than tools designed to be supported by hand require a formal Risk Assessment to be conducted for each item of plant.

The risk assessment highlights the hazards associated with operating the item of plant and provides control measures that can or have been implemented to minimise the risk associated with the plant item.


All Workers who use the plant items need to be in some way involved in the assessment of the plant and we can provide skilled assistance with guiding and developing these vital Hazard Management documents for your business.

Plant Risk Assessments need to be updated regularly (usually every 12months) or when and if plant items are modified from their as manufactured state for use in the work place activities.

RMF Consulting can provide you with the risk assessment services you may need to either undertake the Risk Assessments and provide them to you for inclusion into your existing safety systems, or we can train your staff to undertake the assessments for the business.