Noise Management & Monitoring

RMF Consulting can provide your business with a noise assessment and develop a noise management program which mitigates the noise generated by your work place plant & equipment.

We offer on site assessment of noise using our noise measuring equipment and from the results gained can make recommendations to you and your management concerning the most appropriate form of noise abatement.

Ear Muff and Ear plugs are of course the first choice of most companies, and whilst these items of PPE are effective in most circumstances, they are at best a secondary control option and not a method of control which could or even should necessarily be the final solution to your noise problems. PPE is the least desired control option in the hierarchy of control, and the most obvious reason for this is that it does not remove the noise it merely covers the noise up.

The other aspect of this control process is that for effective management of noise hearing protection MUST be WORN and by their very nature, ear protection becomes quite uncomfortable the longer you wear it and so of course human nature takes over and soon workers forget to wear it, or simple choose not to wear the protection when it is required.

There are more effective noise reduction processes that exist with most forms of plant & Equipment processes, not always the cheapest of course but in the longer term far more reliable and far more effective as the protection measures don’t rely on the diligence and attention of the worker to their own Health & Safety to the same extent.

Contract RMF CONSULTING today and ask about a noise assessment for your business.