Site Safety & Project Auditing

screenshot831Demonstrating that your company and or its subcontractors are in fact delivering the standards of Health & Safety that are required, is a vital element in meeting the “Due Diligence” requirements of the New National Health & Safety at Work Act.

Whether your business is a subcontractor or a Principle Contractor or a manufacturing / retail / engineering or agri business you MUST be able to demonstrate that the business is monitoring their safety performance on a regular and planned basis.

RMF Consulting can provide you with the necessary documentation to undertake these important inspection and surveillance activities or we can conduct on your behalf regular inspections / audits of your work place or work sites.

RMF Consulting can provide you the (PCBU) or Company Officer with a complete audit report on our site observations and make recommendations where change or improvement is required.
Our advice is free of commercial conflict and is available to you in easy to understand, practical terms, and our recommendations are based on the requirements of the OHS Legislation and its associated Regulations and Codes of Practice.